Playing catch up!

Good morning!   It’s been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I would write a “catch up” post today as I sit in my flannel jammies, drinking my morning coffee, and feeling the heat from my roaring gas fire!  Yes it is cold here in Tampa, a whopping 42 degrees has me bundled up with plans to go no where today.

Sorry I fell off the blogging radar, things just came along and  I took a break.  All of the behind the scenes of blogging as a business and trying to please google became a game, and I’m not a game player.

I really don’t have much going on in the DIY and home decor world right now and there is a reason why.

When we moved to Tampa summer 2011, we thought we were buying our forever home and would be calling Tampa “home sweet home”.   Being military and moving as often as we have, I had reached a point of a potential massive blow if we had to move again, and luckily, David  retires summer of 2014.

As we moved into to our forever home, we quickly began settling in and making our new house our home.  We quickly started painting, including our kitchen cabinets, and other DIY projects that were sure to transform this cookie cutter house into a beautiful, customized, luxurious home.

David was deployed shortly after we really got started and everything came to a halt real quick.  David returned 6 months later and we slowly started back to our original plan of making this a stunning home.

Somewhere during last year, our retirement plans changed.   David continued to plan to retire, but job opportunities changed due to changes in the government and government shutdown.  During this time we decided to complete a few more projects around the house and to hold off on the rest (thick crown molding, hardwood floors, you know the details that make you say “ooh lala”) until we knew for sure if we would be moving or not.   We have done enough upgrades to the house that will help us sale and make a generous profit, if that is where we end up.

Sometime between October and Thanksgiving, my girls started asking to move to Georgia.  They started hanging with the country kin folks,  and decided they were ready to trade their city life for the country one.   David quickly came on board and finally, after much coercing, I came around.

 I left South Georgia 20 years ago, became a citified  southern gal and never thought about going back, especially with a husband from Southern California and 2 kids, NEVER.  

Never say Never!!

Anyway it didn’t take long for David’s resume to make its rounds and land on the CEO’s desk of Flowers Foods, a large baking company that makes brands like Natures Own bread, Sunbeam, Cobblestone Mill, and other great bread and pastry brands, including Hostess.   He became quite the local superstar and impressed a lot of non military with his past job positions and 20 years experience .

To be honest, he’s just another Lieutenant colonel in the Army who happened to work hard and be given many great job opportunites.  But he really is a superstar, he’s my superstar!

So are we moving or not??

Well that seems to be the million dollar question right now.  It appears that a job position possibly is in the works and David’s experience and retirement timing could work to our advantage.  The only problem is the company hasn’t pulled the trigger and actually created the job yet.  It could be a couple months or so before we will know something concrete.  But in the meantime, he has been offered a pretty sweet deal here in Tampa.

So where do we stand?  Back in the place that I have repeatedly been in and happens to be the most disliked place for me to be, The Not Knowing.


I hate not knowing if we are moving or not.  We have been here so many times with the Army.   It leaves me in limbo, my mind is here because we live here, but my mind is in Thomasville,  researching the housing market, searching for the ideal location to live, entertaining the thought of building a home, looking for job opportunities for myself, etc.  You know the things that military spouses are subject matter experts in because this is what we do each and every time we move.  Sigh

So what does this have to do with my blog?  Probably nothing, except letting my friends and family know what’s going on.  I plan to start back posting, however there won’t be too much DIYing going on until we find out if we stay or if we move.   If we move, I’m sure ya’ll will be great help when deciding on which house to buy or even build,  you know and all of that stuff that comes along with moving.  If we don’t move, well get ready for all of the DIY projects that are left to do that will really help transform this house.  It’s all in the details and we haven’t gotten there yet.

I’m not really sure how I feel about leaving this house, it has become my pride and joy.  We have put a lot of sweat equity into it.  But I’m excited to move back home and reconnect with so many friends.   The older I get, the more I have realized how important true friends are.  And trust me, I am yet to find friends that are as special to me as my hometown friends.  There’s just something about living in a small, South GA town.










  1. Hi there lady! I have been wondering what you have been up to. So glad to hear that all is ok. It’s nerve wracking not knowing if you are going to stay or go, but at least you will know soon. I hope you start blogging again soon, I miss seeing what you have been up to!

  2. Wanda – wow some exciting things are on the horizon for you and your family – Congrats! I hate being in limbo and have no patience either so I can sympathize. Here’s hoping “the plan” will be revealed to you very soon!

    ps – good to see you posting again!

  3. Thanks for the update Wanda. We appreciate it!!

  4. Welcome back! No matter what the future holds for your family or where you live, I know that you will make your house your home. PS, don’t stay gone so long, your peeps miss you!

  5. Wow Wanda, you have a lot of exciting things happening. My husband is in the USMC and we are approaching retirement in the next few years, always living in the realm of uncertainty. Well, it’s my first “blogiversary” this week and I actually have you on my blog today! You were the first person to leave me a comment on one of my post and I linked your blog to it. Just thought I would let you know.. Hope we see more of you soon! ;)

  6. just checking in…haven’t seen any posts so I’m assuming you are in moving mode…hope to see you posting again soon!

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