Please help me win!

Good morning!  I just received an email notifying me that I was nominated as one of the top 50 Military bloggers.  Ya’ll, there are A LOT of military bloggers out there and some really big ones too!  So needless to say, I am up against some really tough competition.

I would love it if you would go to voiceboks and vote for Recreate and Decorate.  Winning this will not only be a huge deal for my blog, but it will be a huge deal to me, personally.

I started this blog last summer when David was about to be deployed,  why I started my blog shares a lot of my feelings during that time.  We were also adjusting to a new community.  I also was at a place in my life, personally, where I was really trying to reinvent myself as Wanda.  I was tired of  feeling like my identity was as Hayley and Gabby’s mom and LTC Hoffs’ wife.  I was more than that and I wanted to be defined as such.  Dont’ get me wrong, being a mom and wife are very important parts of who I am, but there is more to me than that.  I wanted to be defined by my own success.

So please vote for me at Voiceboks.

I rather lose knowing I tried than lose from not trying!

Once again, thank all of you for the small successes that I have already made.  If it wasn’t for you, I would not have gotten this far.




  1. Congratulations! and best of luck to you!!! Just voted and you are IN THE LEAD! I definitely think you deserve to win and whatever we can do to help, just let us know :)
    xo ~kim & chloe

  2. Hi Wanda! I was also nominated for the award. And feel pretty excited just like you :) However, even more excited to find more military spouse bloggers in the blogging world. Yours is so relevant to my life right now! We are a military family and we just bought a house. Which means lots of DIY is needed but I don’t have a clue! Now I do :) Good Luck on the voting and so glad to have a new mil spouse to follow!

    • Oh great! Good luck to you too.
      I’m so glad you came over to my blog, hopefully I will be able to inspire you with my DIY projects and decorating tips! Let me know if you need any help, I’m always glad to help.

  3. Congrats Wanda! I voted, and I shared over Twitter and shared on Google+! I hope you get the votes needed, you deserve it.

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