How to paint furniture like a pro

I’ve been wanting to do a post on one of my favorite DIY projects,  how to paint furniture, but I have waited until I could find a pro to do it for me.  So today, my friends, let me introduce you to one of my real friends that is actually a professional when it comes to how to paint furniture.

Therese is a fellow blogger but also a friend of mine who lives up the street.   I know ya’ll will love her work as much I do.  Make sure to visit her blog, Fresh Idea Studio and give her some love.

Hi Friends of Recreate and Decorate! I’m Therese. Nice to meet you!

When my real-life, blogger friend Wanda asked me to guest post for her, I was extra excited because I really like her DIY style; she’s such a joy to read.

So today, I thought we could get to know each better with a little Painting 101.

If we’re going to become fast-friends I should probably let you know right up front: I L-O-V-E to paint! And, I’ve been know to paint anything, absolutely anything.

Paint is a DIY bestie and it’s my go-to-fix tool for countless projects around my own home and when I work on custom pieces for clients.

Here are the 3 most important things I’d encourage you to think about when embarking on your first or 500th paint project.

1. Don’t be afraid! {I’m being serious here.}

There’s no need to be apprehensive about slapping paint on something. Now I’m not recommending you paint over a signed masterpiece hanging on your wall or a family heirloom you treasure. What I’m getting at is this: Just go for it!


Paint really can make the world of difference! You can start with something small, like a little chair you find on the curb.{ha!};)

There’s a tutorial on that, here.
Or you could paint something your already have but don’t necessarily like or love. Look around your house for something to paint. Try to think outside the box a bit.

You can take some of your old stuff and make something completely new.

Make something you’ll actually smile about and want to use.

See what I mean? Don’t be afraid! It’s just paint and this is the easiest, low-risk way to embark on the world of DIY paint.

Painting 101: Paint something old new again. I promise it will make you happy just to try it.

The next step is extra important. {So if you read anything twice this would be it.}

2. Prep, prep, prep. It’s the key to your paint project turning out great.

Start by cleaning it. I like to use Simple Green but a good wipe down with warm, soapy water will do the trick too. Don’t use very much water though and take care to wipe it off completely with a dry cloth afterward.

After cleaning, rough up the surface you’re going to paint with some sand paper. I usually run 100 grit and/or 220 grit over the piece (always with the grain of wood, never in a circular motion). This gives your primer and/or paint something good to grab on to.

When you’re done sanding, wipe it down with a clean cloth really well. I usually vacuum most of the ‘dust’ off then wipe it again with a damp microfiber cloth and follow-up with a dry one to make sure the surface is totally debris free.

Painting 101: Clean, sand & clean again before you start to paint.

And, last but certainly not least…

3. Pick your paint. Wisely.

Remember, paint is your friend and there are countless choices out there. But not all paint is created equal in your DIY bag of tricks. Go for the good stuff. You can use a name brand with built-in primer for no-fuss results or you can do what I do; mix up a batch of super easy DIY chalk-y paint.

My very favorite (and frugal) choice is to mix up some homemade chalk paint or as I lovingly refer to it, Paris paint. {It just sounds fancier, don’t you think?}

Plaster of Paris and a little water will make any paint (name brand or not) go further, better, longer.

Further. Better. Longer. That’s always a good thing no matter what situation you’re in, am I right? {ha!}

Painting 101: Have fun with it. It’s just paint.

So, what will you Recreate and Decorate with a Fresh coat of paint?

Any questions or project ideas you’d like to chat about, email me my friend, I’d love to help.

Thank you for having me over to visit.;) You’re a sweetheart! Until next time…

Cheers to you and yours,

This is a Beginner’s guide to DIY after all and my main goal is for you to know,

“You got this, babe!”

Now go figure out what you want to paint.

~ Tootles ~

 Thanks Therese for these wonderful tips on how to paint furniture.  I can’t wait to have her help me with a couple of projects I have in mind!

Are you like so many who see all of this fabulous painted furniture and wonder how they did it?  Well now you know!  Bookmark it, like it, pin it, and share it so when you get ready to paint it,  you’ll be ready!

Do you already know how to paint furniture?






  1. I just finished typing my post for tomorrow about painting (something else) and then come here and see an amazing post on painting! I’ve always wanted to try the homemade chalk paint. Does the finish look different?

  2. Wonderful tutorial. Thank you. I can’t wait to get started… esp the homemade chalk paint. I love the look; but I’m very frugal and not to keen on the brand name cost. :)

  3. Is it recommended to wax after Chalk painting?


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