6 Simple tips room designers use

I have received so many inquiries from my friends wanting me to be there personal room designer and to know  what are the must have design ideas for  2013 .  Since I am not a professional interior designer, I like the term room designer.   This room designer has come up  with 6   “must do”  2013  room decor ideas for you to add , and the glory of it is you can do it all on any budget!  

Paint a room!  

Light and bright rooms seem to be the trend right now.  There are so many great colors to choose from like

these Designer favorites that Decorating Files has put together..   

Make sure to add pops of color to liven things up.

Try using the colors that are trending in home decor right now.  Yellow, turquoise, orange, coral, etc are popping colors right now and look awesome in a room that has a light paint color that is listed above.

Create a wall gallery.


We all have so many family pictures so why not make a great statement by making a wall gallery.  This is a great  way to decorate a large room with tall ceilings.

Try painting the frames in coordinating colors.  Or even frame coordinating fabric, printed paper, or scrap booking paper to add color  and interest.  Mix it up, make it large room art, meaning it needs to be in scale to the wall and ceilings.   Let it make a statement in that room.

DIY girl bedroom design ideas

Add trendy home decor accessories.  Right now chevron, hounds tooth, herringbone and tribal prints are the must haves in home decor.    Mix up the pattern and have some fun.


Bring in the alphabet!  You see a lot of letters displayed in homes.  Paint them to be fun and to add interest to any room.


Bring in the emerald green.  Emerald Green has been slated as the color of the year.

Lamps Plus


Paint vintage furniture.  Right now painting your furniture a pop of color is the latest craze.

You can score some great quality vintage furniture pieces at thrift stores and flea markets.

What are your design ideas for your home in 2013?

If you follow the advice from this room designer, aka me,  you will certainly have a room that could be featured in any interior design magazine.




  1. Yay for emerald green…I love that color. I keep buying green clothes!! Probably won’t paint anything in my house that green though, I’m more of an earth tone girl. I want to get more pics up on the walls and I’d like to do some painting too. Those are my goals for this year.

    • I agree, I don’t think I will be painting anything in my home emerald green either. Maybe a few accessories here and there. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I’d love to update some areas of the home this year, but we’re focusing on the yard at this point. Love the idea of adding some letters….maybe I’ll do that to the picture ledges behind our dining table. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I love the letters added! Yay for you for working on your yards. Hopefully we will make it to ours this spring! Thanks for visiting!

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