Five quick last minute christmas decorating ideas

Are  you like my mom and not digging decorating for Christmas this year, but have friends or family coming over and you want to deck the halls,  and need some last minute Christmas decorating ideas?   Well it’s not too late!  With five days left before Christmas day, here are 5 easy last minute tips for you to use to impress your guest!

Mama, take these Christmas decorating ideas, I promise you can do this and your home will be very welcoming, cozy and full of Christmas cheer.

Adding a few touches of Christmas here and there can add enough Christmas spirit to your home, you really don’t have to do a lot.

Christmas ornaments are not just for your Christmas tree anymore.  Use Christmas ornaments scattered about your existing decor.

Add Christmas ornaments in a bowl, vase, or apothecary jar.   This is super easy, no talent required, and adds a Holiday touch to any decor.


Welcome your guest with a Christmas wreath or two.

Wreaths are an easy christmas decorating idea that adds simplicity to your home.

Christmas Wreaths may be added in more places than your front door too.

Hanging a Christmas wreath inside your home gives a focal point to your room.


Light some candles.  Candles are great to use while entertaining your guest.  Candles add ambience to any atmosphere.   Try adding candles to your tables, countertops, and mantels.  


Arrange them in a grouping of odd numbers and stagger them for visual interest.  You can even use your Christmas ornaments scattered  loosely around candles for extra sparkle.

My favorite decorating idea is using pillows.  Pillows can be a great way to add holiday cheer.   I like arranging them in baskets placed around my home.


And lastly, you can always just hang a Christmas stocking!  Regardless if you hang Christmas stockings from the mantle or just on a doorknob,


Christmas stockings are those very simple things that always say Merry Christmas!

What are other great last minute Christmas decorating ideas can you add?



  1. great ideas Wanda – very simple and elegant – and most of all easy to do!

  2. Wanda, just wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
    Big hug!