How to frame a builder grade bathroom mirror

Are you ready to see what you can do to a plain bathroom mirror?
I have a treat for all of you today and her name is Kayla, from Whatever is Lovely.  She is such a cutie, and when I put a shout out needing help from guest bloggers, she was right there wanting to help!
I welcome Kayla and ask that you all show her  all that wonderful Recreate and Decorate love!
Hello! I’m Kayla from Whatever is Lovely.  I’m so happy and honored to be guest posting today at Recreate and Decorate!
I haven’t been blogging for very long, but when I found Wanda’s blog, I was hooked!
A few months ago, I gave my master bathroom  mirror a makeover, and I’d like to share how we framed out our builder grade bathroom mirror.
 Here is a before picture of the large bathroom mirror and Hollywood lighting.

I found how to frame the mirror with crown molding from this insprational blog, Full of great ideas.
Here are the before and after pictures from Full of Great Ideas.
So, the husband and I went to Home Depot and bought all of the molding we needed.  It ended up costing right around $30.
Yes, $30!
And it made a huge difference. See?
Now. I won’t lie to you. This project ended up being a huge pain to finish.
I normally always buy pre-primed molding, but none of the molding we needed for this came primed.  And I don’t want to toot my own horn too much, but I am a pretty good spray-painter.  But it is really, really tough to spray paint this kind of crown molding!! It has that very intricate design on it and the paint just didn’t go on in the nice, smooth way that I’m used to it going on.  But, it’s really not noticeable unless you stare at the molding, so it’s alright. I guess
But yes, a coat of primer and three coats of white spray paint later, it was time to make our cuts. Those weren’t easy either.  Fortunately, the way our bathroom is set up we didn’t have to worry about finishing off the sides of the crown. That would have been even harder; and frankly, I don’t even want to think about that right now. Ha!
Then, we had to nail the crown molding piece to the wide, flat molding (go see the post I linked to above if you can’t picture what I mean).
So after all the painting and cutting and nailing was done, it was just a matter of using Liquid Nails to apply the molding to the mirror.
I squirted it on and held the pieces in place with blue painter’s tape to make sure they didn’t slide off while it was drying.
Then the next morning,  my bathroom mirror was all done.
Thanks so much for reading and I would love for you to come visit me at
- Kayla
Anyone plan to add crown molding around your contractor grade  bathroom mirror?  I am, in fact we are going to frame in both large bathroom mirrors in our master bath when we get to that project.  I can’t wait.
Thank you Kayla for a wonderful diy bathroom project.
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  1. Hope you have a super fun time in Belgium Wanda!!! I am sure you are soaking up this vacay with your hubs right now!! Great post on how to frame up a bathroom mirror – looks so much better with the crown molding too!

    • THANKS! internet here is quite the challenge so I am way behind on blogging! I am truly blessed to have been given this opportunity to meet David, but why is he TDY while deployed! Ha!!

  2. We did this too… we used heavy duty two sided 3m tape and it’s held for 18mos so far. An idea for renters.

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